Antigua is full of gorgeous places. You can get lost among beautiful colonial streets and each step discovers small nooks and crannies that will amaze you. Old churches, ruins, cobblestone alleys, colorful buildings, and surrounding volcanoes – the city offers a variety of stunning locations. Below you can find some of the best spots where you can take amazing images. Great for capturing memories, engagements, portrait session or just for Instagram – but above all beautiful places worth visiting and seeing with your own eyes.

Best photography locations in Antigua:

Arco de Santa Catalina –  Impressive Arc with Volcano Backdrop

Arco de Santa Catalina, Antigua Granada. Kuba Okon

A historic arch near the middle of town! It’s probably the most famous spot in Antigua and probably the most photographed place in Guatemala. During the Semana Santa (Holy Week) the surrounding streets are decked out in colorful decorations!
Tip. If you want to avoid the crowds it’s best to take photos early in the morning. The light will be also more flattering.

Iglesia La Merced –  Extraordinary Facade and Volcano Views

La Merced church in December. Kuba Okon

Perhaps the prettiest Baroque church in Antigua. The church boasts magnificent stucco work that showcases the Moorish influence present in Spain at that time. Also, La Merced Convent offers marvelous views of all three volcanoes!

TIP: Check the cloud cover on Volcan Agua and Volcan Fuego before you go in, so you’re guaranteed an excellent view from the top of the convent.

Cerro de la Cruz – Peaceful Landscape of Antigua

Cerro de La Cruz

A 20-minute hike up the hill will provide you with a beautiful view of the city and the Volcano del Agua. Great place to get a scenic sight of Antigua. For instance a popular spot for sunrise. Also, the morning will give you the clearest view of the volcano looming in the distance.

Central Park – Local Vibe

Parque Central Antigua Guatemala
Parque Central, Antigua Guatemala

Central Park (Parque Central) is the beating heart of Antigua and its main plaza. It’s a place where you can see a little of everything; a big church, arch-adorned buildings, a view of the volcano, beautiful fountain and local vendors. The plaza itself is beautiful. You can spend all day here without it becoming boring. Simply, the best place to get a feel for the town and enjoy a spot of people-watching.

Convento Santa Clara – Nooks and Crannies

Santa Clara Convent

Established in 1734 Santa Clara Convent was destroyed four decades later by the great quake and abandoned. Fortunately, some elements of the original structure remain intact. Santa Clara is an amazing site for taking photos – the play of light and shadow creates a unique opportunity for great shots. Certainly, one of the best photography locations in Antigua Guatemala. Take a stroll among tone archways, church halls, stonework facade, the arched niches, and garden courtyards and you will see for yourself.

Santa Clara remains one of the most popular wedding venues in Antigua. It looks incredible decked out with flowers, candlelight, and other romantic flourishes. See Best Venues in Antigua

Volcanos – Breathtaking Views

Surrounded by Volcanoes Antigua gives an opportunity to hike some of them and enjoy the breathtaking views. There’s a volcano appropriate for seemingly every skill level. The Volcano of Pacaya is one of the most accessible volcanoes in Guatemala (one and a half hour hike) and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Volcano Acatenango is an all-day or an overnight excursion.

Antigua Streets! – Colorful Palette

Allow yourself to get lost and wander the cobbled streets of Antigua. You will discover colorful buildings with impressive doors and ornaments, little boutiques, excellent coffee shops as well as lush flowers hanging from above the walls will create an amazing backdrop for your photos.

Lake Atitlán – Amazing Lagoon Views

Cameron Wilkins

Located 2,5hours away from Antigua, Lake Atitlan is really worth mentioning. Scenic crater lake, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, populated by towns whose inhabitants wear traditional clothes and speak one of many indigenous dialects. The views are breathtaking.

What do you think about these places? Maybe you know some other great spots? Share your story in the comments below!

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It is an impressive place for me.It has an incredible volcano. It is a unique place for visiting.

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