Antigua Guatemala Wedding Venues

Best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala

I love photographing in Antigua. It’s beauty, calm, and breathtaking surroundings amaze me each time I visit the city. The charm of colorful colonial buildings, impressive churches, cobblestone streets and volcanoes crowning over Antigua create a magical atmosphere and picturesque backdrop for wedding ceremonies. No wonder couples from all over the world choose Antigua as their ideal location for a magical destination wedding. 

Old churches, ruins, gardens and boutique hotels – the city offers a variety of beautiful venues. While choosing a venue It’s important to consider the size of the wedding in order to look for the right location. Also, some of the most popular venues are booked 2 years in advance so you might have to be flexible on your dates if you leave it till the last minute. As one of the first steps, I would recommend finding a wedding planner who can advise you and help with all the arrangements. It’s crucial, especially if you are trying to plan your destination wedding from abroad. Below you can find a list of some of my favorite wedding venues.

Best Wedding Venues in Antigua Guatemala:

Convento Santa Clara 

One of the most known, biggest and most stunning venues in Antigua. Convento Santa Clara offers a variety of spaces that can be used for different purposes – ceremony, reception, cocktail hour or post-wedding photos. Santa Clara Church was destroyed in the XVIIIth century by the great earthquake and abandoned. Fortunately, some elements of the original structure remain intact, such as the church’s stonework facade, the arched niches, gardens, and part of the courtyard. Really impressive and worth noticing is a beautiful church with an open ceiling and altar (ceremonies). The whole convent is divided into different sections for events and each section has a different price value.

Casa Santo Domingo

Wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala

5-star hotel, Museum and Wedding Venue. Casa Santo Domingo has it all.  It is one of the most famous wedding venues as well as hotels in Guatemala. Built from what used to be one of the grandest convents in the Americas. The hotel is notable in that it preserves the architecture from the Baroque period of ancestral America. Includes lovely gardens, ample areas, convention center (used for reception), as well as an ancient chapel (occupied mostly for wedding ceremonies). The place is ideal for larger weddings. Also, they’ve worked as a venue for a long time and they can provide you with their staff, catering, and accommodation (after all they are a hotel;)

Convento Las Capuchinas

Las Capuchina wedding venue Guatemala

It is one of the finest examples of an 18th-century convent in Guatemala. With an outdoor garden, two-level courtyard flanked by sturdy stone pillars, a small circular atrium, beautiful fountain and the roofed church (unlike Santa Clara) there are many options for wedding locations at Las Capuchinas ruins. Fits both, large and smaller ceremonies and can be organized in different manners. The ruin has many roofed environments as well as open-air ones which can be helpful during the rainy season. The different venues within Capuchinas have a different price tag. It’s also recommended you plan early, as this is one of the most requested venues in town – You can obtain contact info for CNPAG here. If you need decorations, I highly recommend hiring a local wedding planner. Please contact me and I can provide you with some recommendations.

San Jose El Viejo

San Jose el Viejo Antigua Venue

San Jose el Viejo is another example of magical ruins that can become a beautiful venue. Located in a less crowded part of Antigua San Jose el Viejo is not open to the public. The beautiful and well-preserved interior creates a more intimate feel to it and is perfect for smaller ceremonies. Soft sun rays coming up the small windows can elevate the atmosphere and create unexpected effects.  There are many wonderful church facades to admire in Antigua and this is certainly one of the best.

The Porta Hotel

Just across the street of San Juan del Viejo, there is the Porta Hotel – one of the most coveted destination wedding venues in Antigua. Its perfect location gives you a great backdrop of San Juan del Viejo facade. With its colonial ambiance and décor, this elegant boutique hotel offers an abundance of venues surrounded by stunning mountain views, enchanting colonial architecture, and vibrant cultural sites. It’s also a great option to stay or for the bridesmaids and bride to get ready if you are planning to hold the ceremony in San Juan del Viejo. The hotel is well-equipped and their staff can help you organize your special day.

Other popular Wedding Venues

If you are familiar with other great venues, I missed something, or you have any other observations, please do not hesitate to leave your comment below. I will be grateful for any input and would love to include new information to the list!

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