Want a stress-free fairy tale celebration of love? Read more about Micro Weddings and find out if it’s the one for you. 

Micro weddings have become a romantic tendency as brides and grooms are looking for an alternative between regular-sized weddings and elopements. Small weddings have existed for years. With the new social distancing rules that have emerged, micro weddings have become more popular as couples are looking for flexible, relaxed, and unique solutions that can provide an outstanding experience while they create one-of-a-kind memories with their loved ones. 

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a fresh, intimate, and scaled-down version of a regular-sized wedding with all its traditions. The main difference is the guest count of no more than 50, usually only 20-30 of the closest and dearest family members and friends. 

As a custom-friendly celebration, micro weddings reduce the stress and time planning of a big wedding and will let you get creative and think outside the box. 

Beach Destination Wedding Nicaragua

Benefits of a Micro Wedding

Micro weddings allow you to indulge in your dream wedding location. With a smaller guest list, you can surprise your loved ones with amazing destinations abroad; a paradise island, magical gardens, or even a mountain top ceremony.

You can also choose that elegant 5-star restaurant you love, a rooftop ceremony with a jaw-dropping view, or any other venue that creates an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. 

This type of celebration offers the perfect chance to enjoy the art of intimacy and love. Surrounded by your dearest while sharing your vows, you will celebrate a day specifically designed to reflect who you are as a couple and enjoy it in the most intimate way possible. 

A micro wedding provides a stress-free experience for the couple because the time planning and to-do list can be narrowed down. By not needing to worry about seating arrangements, invitations, and menu choices for a room full of a hundred people, the couple can just relax and enjoy their special day next to their intimate circle of family and friends. 

As a small-scale event, you will have the chance to create personal and special experiences for each of your guests. You can add thoughtful tokens like handwritten notes, sweet treats, and scented candles, to show your appreciation for their attendance. Spending quality time with each of your guests will be much easier, you will be able to interact with everyone, enjoy close connections, and share your excitement instead of just a couple of minutes like at larger events. A micro wedding can definitely give you plenty of room for enjoying memories with your loved ones. 

This is your opportunity to change the rules, formalities, and expectations that come along with a normal traditional wedding. This is your day and it can be totally unique, romantic, and special. Micro weddings allow you to have additional different events prior to the wedding ceremony. You can start off the day with a pre-ceremony breakfast with your guests, an afternoon cocktail at sunset, and even a post-ceremony reunion to reminisce about all the fun memories of the night. 

Forget about planning and spending money on something that you are not in love with. Downsizing your wedding means that you can allocate more of your budget on those crazy ideas that you have always wanted. 

You can also enjoy your wedding, a family vacation, and even your honeymoon in the same location. You do not have to decide between a fantastic getaway for your honeymoon or the wedding of your dreams. You can have the best of both worlds, exchange your vows in a romantic location with your other half and explore the place together days after. 

Without having to worry about the anxiety of hundreds of eyes on you, the pressure of everything being perfectly arranged, and dealing with tight schedules. Micro weddings create a more meaningful, comfortable, personal, and familiar setting for the couple to invest their money in their own fairy-tale experience. 

Costa Rica Wedding Decor

Hosting your Micro Wedding in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become a very popular country for destination and micro weddings because it has everything you are looking for: beaches, forests, sunsets, rainforests, waterfalls,  biodiverse wildlife, and great adventures. 

With the tranquility of a tropical paradise, beachfront restaurants, and boutique hotels the Tamarindo area offers a great variety of stunning beaches and venues. With a handful of activities from dining, surfing, to enjoying the nightlife, Tamarindo is definitely one of Costa Rica’s hotspots and a great option to host a beautiful micro wedding.

In Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula you will find Nosara, a magical place with the most breathtaking sunsets, pristine beaches, and amazing nature surrounded by a relaxed vibe. If you enjoy nice long walks on the beach and spending time together, Nosara for sure is the perfect destination for the romantic getaway of your dreams. 

With a majestic view of the Arenal Volcano, the astounding and fascinating La Fortuna`s waterfall, and the relaxing hot springs naturally heated by the volcano´s thermal energy, the town of La Fortuna provides the right amount of excitement for the adventurous couple who are in the quest for a jungle-like experience. 

After deciding the type of wedding and your enchanting venue, make sure to find the right team. A wedding planner or organizer who is an expert in the local area will help you stay on top of every little detail. If you need any recommendations I would be more than happy to help you out. 

Also remember that if you want to capture your tale of romance, you will need a photographer who understands you, cares about this special and intimate day so that he captures the most amazing and cheerful moments. I would love to join you and be part of this incredible day. Contact me for more information.

If you are still hesitant to decide if a micro wedding is the right option for you, let me show you some breathtaking, fairy tale, and fascinating intimate ceremonies I have had the honor to photograph.

Whether you decide to celebrate with an average-sized wedding, an elopement, a destination or a micro wedding keep in mind that it is all about YOU! You are the reason everyone is coming together on that day.

What are your thoughts on micro weddings? if you have any questions let me know in the comments section below!

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