More couples are looking to elope in Costa Rica, and there is a good reason for that. Eloping has evolved into an exciting and cost-effective trend for a destination wedding.  Elopements are all about bringing a wedding day back to the core of what it’s about;  at the core, it’s about coming together to share vows while experiencing a day that reflects who you are as a couple. You get the liberty and freedom of designing a day that’s refreshingly for YOU! Relaxation, a bit of adventure, and white sandy beaches as a backdrop are all major bonuses too! Nowadays, eloping is different from the past, and it’s not always a secret. It just means fewer guests, less stress, saving time, and most importantly, saving money!

When it comes to an elopement, there’s so much to love about Costa Rica. The pristine beaches, vivid colors of nature, and the warm hospitality of the people provide the perfect setting for a picturesque wedding. It’s the perfect scene for couples who want to exchange their vows in a place of paradise. If you’re wondering how to elope in Costa Rica, I’ve selected five of the best venues for your perfect elopement wedding in Costa Rica. There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts that can host your wedding 


Let’s elope! Take the next step and start planing!


Wedding at Las Palapas at Hacienda Pinilla Beach Resort. Sunset-draped beach surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Tamarindo area.

Couples who want to elope in Costa Rica should definitely consider the Tamarindo area. Tamarindo is the largest beach town in Guanacaste, and it’s a hotspot for destination weddings. The area offers a variety of different beaches and venues.  It also provides a lot of activities and things to see. Awesome nightlife, stunning beaches, dining, and surfing make this place an exciting spot to exchange vows while having a memorable getaway. Tamarindo is surrounded by all-inclusive resorts, from high-end to budget-friendly hotels and private villas; this place is ideal to host the ceremony and the honeymoon; here you can find relaxation and newlywed bliss. La Playa Grande, Playa Langosta, Las Pangas, Playa Avellanas, Hacienda Pinilla, and Reserva Conchal are just some of the multiple options that exist for the ideal elopement wedding in Costa Rica. If you’re planning on a “just us” experience or planning to have your closest friends come along for the adventure, then Tamarindo is an amazing location for you. The beauty of elopements is that you can splurge on all of the right things to maximize the experience of your wedding day!

Playa Grande Wedding.
Sunset at Playa Grande. Playa Grande is just across the estuary from Tamarindo.


Las Catalinas

Surrounded by tropical nature on land and at sea, Las Catalinas is a beautiful, car-free, and fully walkable beach village in Costa Rica. It is based on the medieval European hill towns that can be found in Italy and France. This area is prized for its beauty, access, connectivity, and architecture. In town, a labyrinth of pedestrian streets has a diverse mix of housing, like studio apartments and seven-bedroom Spanish colonial-style villas. You can also find a variety of local businesses and scenic public plazas. Las Catalinas’ beach is small, intimate, and gorgeous for a wedding ceremony as a backdrop. The town itself is really pretty, colorful, and attractive for its multiple nooks and crannies that make for ideal romantic photographs. 


Brianna and Levi eloped in the Springs Resort in La Fortuna. Volcano Arenal provides a magnificent backdrop!

Literally translated from Spanish as “The Fortune”. You can feel fortunate if you get the chance to exchange vows in this lovely place! This is the ideal post-wedding destination for couples who want to do more than just laze around on the beach.The pleasant town of La Fortuna emerges from the dense rainforest, and it is tucked into the base of the Arenal Volcano. The volcano provides an impressive backdrop, and it can be seen from almost any vantage point. It is truly a brilliant combination. Your intimate ceremony can be held at the La Fortuna waterfall, in the lush rainforest, on the slope of the volcano, in an organic farm, or at the hot springs. La Fortuna’s hot springs are also an attraction that you don’t want to miss. These are naturally heated by the volcano’s thermal energy.

If you would like to keep your wedding day easy, relaxed, and simple, then the Springs Resort is the place for you; it features all of the necessary services, such as natural hot spring pools, a world-class spa, and a volcano as a backdrop. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Arenal Nayara is one of the most luxurious venues to have an elopement wedding in Costa Rica.


Elopement wedding at the Dominicalito beach

For those who prefer fewer crowds, green landscapes, and empty beaches, you can head down to the south part of the area for a quieter experience. The town of Uvita de Osa is not as popular as Tamarindo, but it still offers tons of options to host an elopement. With numerous waterfalls, rivers, and beaches in the surrounding jungles, Uvita is home to the Marino Ballena National Park and a place to visit. The center of this place,  at low tide, can look like a whale’s tail. The beach is also enormous. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention that the  sunsets in this town are just breathtaking

If you are looking for an intimate beach to elope, Dominicalito is an interesting option because it’s a small beach that is surrounded by palm trees and dramatic rock formations. It’s truly gorgeous!

Beaches surrounding Uvita


Nosara Boho hip vibe

Nosara is a village and a district on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. It’s a breathtakingly magical place. From internationally famous waves for surfing to top-class yoga and an incredible lush jungle, this place has everything you need for a destination wedding. The boho relaxed vibe is omnipresent. Nosara has a wide variety of beautiful places for elopement that include pristine beaches, lush jungle, boutique hotels, incredible houses, and villas. The Nosara provides you with different beaches that are ideal for different types of ceremonies; you have Playa Nosara, Playa Guiones Playa Garza, or Playa Pelada. 

You can start your elopement day by having breakfast together and doing a bit of yoga to ease any stress before getting ready. You can get ready together and help each other into your wedding attire, which can be followed by an intimate ceremony on the beach. What’s next?  The options are endless in Nosara; you can go for a private surf class on internationally famous waves, have a beachside romantic picnic, go snorkeling, have a spa treatment, or try some other fun activities together. Nosara is just an amazing place to enjoy, spend time together, and celebrate your couple’s love.

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